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Naval and maritime

Descaling equipment on the cruise ship SS Sun

Applications :
Condenser cleaning, heat exchanger cleaning

Background :
Anchored in Freeport Harbour, in the Bahamas, the SS Sun welcomed aboard a technical team from GOTAR Technologies to perform the decalcification of two major pieces of equipment. Built in France in 1964, this 300 metre cruise ship has been refitted by its management company, International Shipping Partners. The cleaning operation was a complete success. As usual with marine equipment, extensive scaling of cooling systems was a serious problem.

Results :

The condenser was descaled by circulating 10,000 litres of Gotar-D in closed circuit, with the help of a 15 horsepower pump installed on the wharf. The time needed to treat the equipment was approximately five hours, a significant improvement over conventional cleaning methods in the marine industry. No dismantling of equipment was necessary.

A heat exchanger measuring 30˝ in diameter and 16’ in length, and containing approximately 800 copper tubes with a diameter of 1/2˝, was cleaned using the same procedure. For this task, a quantity of 2,500 litres of Gotar-D was needed. The work was completed in approximately four hours. Results were outstanding, as the photos below clearly show.

Products :

Keywords :
Cruise ship, marine industry, descaling, condenser, heat exchanger, cooling system Bahamas, Freeport Harbour, HCL, H2SO4, H3NO3S
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