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Hydro-Québec Restoration of Glycol Cooling Systems on Thyristors at the Nicolet Substation

Applications :
Cleaning of the Clycol Cooling Systems on the Thyristors at the Nicolet Substation

Background :
The Nicolet substation is a transmission and conversion station whose operations are vital to the stability and performance of the power grid. It has a section of thyristors in one DC/AC conversion hub. Thyristors serve as electric switches used to control capacitive load. Since they can emit a great deal of heat, cooling is essential to their operation and to the stability of the network they serve. In this case, the thristor cooling system had several problems, notably reduced heat exchange and premature wear of the mecanical seals on system of suspended particles derived from degraded glycol and the oxidation of carbon steel. Particles in circulation act as abrasives and damage system equipment (heat exchangers, pumps, etc.). Furthermore, oxides can interfere with heat transfer.

Results :

Maintenance conducted by GOTAR restored the carbon steel in the system to “near white” level (NACE standard), as the before and after photos opposite clearly show. Once this type of maintenance is complete, quality replacement glycol is used and the system returned to service for years of stable operation.

Products :

Keywords :
Hydro-Quebec, cooling system, thyristor, Nicolet Substation, heat exchanger, glycol cooling, pumps, oxidation, glycol, thermal exchange, rust, transmission and conversion substation, carbon steel near white, NACE standard
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