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Dominican Republic : MetalDom - Cleaning of Plate Heat Exchangers

Applications :
Cleaning of plate heat exchangers, stainless steel surface deoxidization

Background :
Fresh water is the cheapest and most widely used cooling liquid in the world. But for the Dominican Republic, a country located on an island in the Caribbean Sea, fresh water resources are scarce. For this reason, seawater is very often used as a cooling agent for industrial equipment. The islandís biggest steel producer, the Complejo Metalķrgico Dominicano also known as MetalDom, is struggling with salt-induced corrosion as well as calcareous and mineral deposit problems.

Results :

Like most industries on the island, MetalDom has its own energy production facility that generates up to 46 megawatts with four diesel engines running on heavy oil. Because of the general shortage of electricity, every kilowatt is valuable, as the surplus can be sold on the domestic market.

As shown on the right, the treatment of the power plant’s plate heat exchanger makes a huge difference. The approximately 3' X 7' exchanger is cooled by seawater on one side. After only a few months of use, the salt in the sea water oxidizes the stainless steel plates. Circulating Gotar-D in a closed circuit easily and thoroughly cleans the plates in approximately six hours. Aside from decreasing downtime, one important advantage is that it is no longer necessary to dismantle the equipment in order to clean it.

The energy plant manager has confirmed that sizeable gains have been made by adopting GotarTM products in their normal maintenance operations. These gains are not only important at the economic level, but also in terms of workplace health and safety, equipment protection and lifespan, and environmental protection.

Products :
Gotar-D (Gotar-D500)

Keywords :
Heat exchanger, plates, stainless steel, oxidation, limestone, seawater, energy production facility, diesel engine, workplace health and safety MetalDom, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, sulfamic acid, H2SO4, dismantling, gaskets, metallurgical complex
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